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Integrated Coast Guard Systems

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Integrated Coast Guard Systems is the joint venture formed by Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman that was selected in June 2002 to manage the Coast Guard’s massive modernization program called the Integrated Deepwater System. The Deepwater program is a 25-year, $24 billion contract to replace aging vessels, aircraft and communications systems. In 2006, government investigators found that eight converted 123-foot patrol boats were unusable and unsafe. The boats were later taken out of commission and indefinitely docked. In response to calls for a federal investigation into this and other program problems, the Coast Guard announced in April 2007 it would take over management of the Deepwater program. The Lockheed-Northrop team will still be able to bid on new task orders through 2010, but there is no guarantee of future contracts. ICGS is headquartered in Rosslyn, Va., with working teams co-located in Virginia, Louisiana, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. The Deepwater contract officially ended in January 2012.

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2018 N/A $0
2017 N/A $0
2016 N/A $0
2015 N/A $0
2014 N/A $14,655
2013 N/A $-6,653,747
2012 N/A $1.1M
2011 N/A $51.6M

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