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BearingPoint Inc.

7 instances of misconduct since 1995 | $135.7M in penalties

BearingPoint, formerly known as KPMG Consulting, is an international business consulting and technology systems integration firm. It provides consulting services in the areas of communications, consumer and industrial markets, financial services, high technology, and government. The company serves more than 2100 clients worldwide, including most of the major global wireless carriers, software, electronics and pharmaceutical companies, and all Cabinet-level departments of the U.S. government. In 2009, the company’s U.S. unit filed for bankruptcy. Later that year, following restructuring and a management buyout, BearingPoint’s operations were organized as a Europe-based partnership.

Correspondence Date
Letter to BearingPoint 6/7/2008
FY Rank Contract Awards
2018 N/A $0
2017 N/A $0
2016 N/A $0
2015 N/A $12.3M
2014 N/A $8.2M
2013 N/A $108.1M
2012 N/A $170.3M
2011 N/A $273.6M

7 Instances of Misconduct since 1995

Date Instance Penalty
9/10/2010 2005 Securities Fraud Class Action
BearingPoint Inc.
2/6/2008 SEC v. Gardner, et al. (Aiding and Abetting Financial Fraud)
BearingPoint Inc.
2/8/2007 Hawaiian Telcom Contract Dispute
BearingPoint Inc.
9/1/2006 Aiding and Abetting Financial Fraud
BearingPoint Inc.
12/22/2005 Travel Expense Overbilling
BearingPoint Inc.
11/16/2004 Criminal Conspiracy
BearingPoint Inc.
8/20/2003 Berman, et al. v. BearingPoint (Securities Fraud)
BearingPoint Inc.

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