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Rolls-Royce PLC

11 instances of misconduct since 1995 | $802.4M in penalties

Rolls-Royce, a worldwide provider of power systems and services for use on land, sea and air, operates in four global markets – civil aerospace, defense aerospace, marine and energy. Its customer base includes airlines, corporate and utility aircraft and helicopter operators, armed forces, navies, and energy customers. Rolls-Royce’s aerospace units manufacture commercial and military gas turbine engines. In the U.S., the company makes engines for corporate jets, helicopters, and turboprop aircraft. Rolls-Royce also builds and installs power generation systems and marine propulsion systems. Rolls-Royce employs 38,000 people in offices and manufacturing facilities in 50 countries.

Correspondence Date
Letter to Rolls-Royce 4/22/2009
FY Rank Contract Awards
2020 #70 $1,092.5M
2019 #68 $944.8M
2018 #79 $746.4M
2017 #78 $776.3M
2016 #76 $742.9M
2015 #93 $550.7M
2014 #81 $673.5M
2013 #90 $586.7M
2012 #72 $887.1M
2011 #63 $1,051.7M

11 Instances of Misconduct since 1995

2 additional instances of misconduct pending resolution.

Date Instance Penalty
11/16/2020 Hiring Discrimination – Prince George, VA
Rolls-Royce PLC
11/7/2017 Global Bribery and Corruption – Individual Prosecutions
Rolls-Royce PLC
1/16/2017 Bribery and Corruption Global Settlement
Rolls-Royce PLC
3/28/2016 Clark v. Bamberger, et al. (Wrongful Death)
L-3 Communications, Rolls-Royce PLC
3/24/2015 MTU America Clean Air Act Settlement
Rolls-Royce PLC
9/29/2014 Radiation Exposure at Derby Facility
Rolls-Royce PLC
8/16/2013 Safety Violation at Derby Facility
Rolls-Royce PLC
7/29/2013 Redd et al. v. Goodrich Corporation et al. (Product Liability)
Boeing Company, Rolls-Royce PLC
2/6/2013 Lam v. Rolls Royce (November 2010 Qantas Engine Explosion)
Rolls-Royce PLC
11/14/2011 U.S. ex rel. McArtor v. Rolls Royce (False Claims, Whistleblower Retaliation)
Rolls-Royce PLC
6/22/2011 Settlement of November 2010 Qantas Airbus Engine Explosion
Rolls-Royce PLC
2/18/2011 2010 Kiowa Helicopter Crash Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Honeywell International Inc., Rolls-Royce PLC, Textron, Inc.
8/7/2003 Faulty Propulsion System
Rolls-Royce PLC

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