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Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC

6 instances of misconduct since 1995 | $987,095 in penalties

Brookhaven Science Associates, a limited-liability partnership formed between the Research Foundation of State University of New York (SUNY) on behalf of SUNY-Stony Brook and Battelle Memorial Institute, operates and manages the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York. One of ten national laboratories overseen and primarily funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, Brookhaven National Laboratory conducts research in the physical, biomedical, and environmental sciences, as well as in energy technologies and national security. SUNY-Stony Brook is Brookhaven’s closest university neighbor and largest academic user of its facilities.

Correspondence Date
Letter to Brookhaven 4/29/2010
FY Rank Contract Awards
2020 N/A $699.9M
2019 #94 $613.9M
2018 #98 $594.1M
2017 #96 $538.4M
2016 #95 $560.4M
2015 N/A $525.5M
2014 #92 $581.6M
2013 #95 $567.2M
2012 #90 $655.8M
2011 #98 $661.6M

6 Instances of Misconduct since 1995

Date Instance Penalty
8/29/2013 2011 Safety and Health Violations at Brookhaven National Lab
Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC
6/8/2005 Abdi v. Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC et al. (Racial, Religious Discrimination)
Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC
8/5/2004 Benjamin et al. v. Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC (Racial, Disability Discrimination)
Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC
7/29/2004 Tardd et al. v. Brookhaven National Laboratory et al. (Racial Discrimination)
Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC
10/30/2002 Cox v. Brookhaven Science Associates LLC (Sexual Harassment, Employment Discrimination)
Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC
4/15/1999 Deficiencies in Radiological Protection and Work Processes
Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC

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