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Management & Training Corp.

11 instances of misconduct since 1995 | $14.3M in penalties

Since 1966, the Management and Training Corporation (MTC) has operated centers for Job Corps — a U.S. Department of Labor job-training program that targets disadvantaged youth. In 1987, MTC entered the corrections industry when it opened one of the first privately operated corrections facilities in the United States. MTC helps train and educate tens of thousands of Job Corps students and correctional facility inmates. MTC is the Department of Labor’s largest contractor and the third largest operator of adult private prisons.

Correspondence Date
Letter to MTC 4/22/2009
FY Rank Contract Awards
2018 N/A $262.0M
2017 N/A $370.3M
2016 N/A $297.0M
2015 N/A $496.3M
2014 N/A $848,586
2013 N/A $137.0M
2012 N/A $41.3M
2011 N/A $620.6M

11 Instances of Misconduct since 1995

1 additional instance of misconduct pending resolution.

Date Instance Penalty
1/24/2019 Mississippi Prison Contract Bribery
GEO Group, Management & Training Corp.
12/13/2012 Edison v. The GEO Group, et al. (Valley Fever Exposure at Taft C.F.)
Management & Training Corp.
3/30/2012 Dept. of Labor Inspector General Audit of Clearfield Job Corps Center
Management & Training Corp.
3/30/2012 Dept. of Labor Inspector General Audit of Paul Simon Job Corps Center
Management & Training Corp.
1/29/2007 Non-Payment of Wages (Texas)
Management & Training Corp.
9/26/2006 Sanchez v. Management and Training Corp., et al. (Violation of Civil Rights)
Management & Training Corp.
7/6/2006 Leyba, et al. v. Santa Fe County Board of Commissioners, et al. (Unlawful Strip Searches)
Management & Training Corp.
6/27/2006 Martinez v. Management and Training Corp., et al. (Wrongful Death)
Management & Training Corp.
1/25/2006 Sexual Assault
Management & Training Corp.
12/16/2005 Non-Payment of Wages (Utah, Indiana, Ohio and New Mexico)
Management & Training Corp.
3/6/2003 Santa Fe Jail Suicide
Management & Training Corp.
6/20/2001 Employment Discrimination
Management & Training Corp.

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