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Foster Fuels Inc.

1 instances of misconduct since 1995 | $20,420 in penalties

Foster Fuels provides propane, heating oil, diesel, ethanol, and other products and services to commercial, residential, and government markets. Foster Fuels has been a Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) vendor since 2006, delivering fuel to federal civilian and military locations throughout the United States.

Correspondence Date
FY Rank Contract Awards
2020 N/A $2.3M
2019 N/A $14.9M
2018 N/A $32.6M
2017 N/A $6.6M
2015 N/A $4.3M
2014 #65 $859.9M
2013 N/A $67.9M
2012 N/A $-2,098,259
2011 N/A $92.7M

1 Instance of Misconduct since 1995

Date Instance Penalty
7/24/2009 2008 Oil Spill in Giles County, VA
Foster Fuels Inc.

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