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Centene Corporation

8 instances of misconduct since 1995 | $157.4M in penalties

Centene provides managed care services under such names as Managed Health Services, Superior HealthPlan, and Buckeye Community Health Plan. Centene provides services to over 12 million people receiving benefits from Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, Supplemental Security Income, and state Children’s Health Insurance Program. Centene also offers specialty services in areas such as behavioral health (through Cenpatico), vision benefits (OptiCare), and pharmacy benefits management (US Script).

Correspondence Date
FY Rank Contract Awards
2020 #23 $3,091.7M
2019 #23 $3,205.4M
2018 #19 $3,607.8M
2017 #20 $2,604.1M

8 Instances of Misconduct since 1995

2 additional instances of misconduct pending resolution.

Date Instance Penalty
6/14/2021 Ohio and Mississippi Pharmacy Benefits Manager Overbilling
Centene Corporation
5/5/2021 Del Toro et al. v. Centene Management Company (Overtime Wages)
Centene Corporation
3/12/2020 Sanchez v. Centene Corp. (Health Net Acquisition Class Action)
Centene Corporation
6/13/2018 Refusal to Cover Hepatitis C Drugs
Centene Corporation
1/11/2018 Harvey et al. v. Centene (Failing to Provide Adequate In-Network Access)
Centene Corporation
12/15/2017 Washington State Provider Network Deficiencies
Centene Corporation
1/12/2017 Failure to Comply With Medicare Part D Requirements – May 2016
Centene Corporation
6/22/2016 Randolph et al. v. Centene Management Company (Unpaid Overtime)
Centene Corporation
10/24/2013 Failure to Provide Accurate Benefit and Coverage Information to Medicare Advantage Enrollees
Centene Corporation
4/3/2013 Failure to Comply With Medicare Part D Requirements – December 2012
Centene Corporation

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