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Johns Hopkins University

8 instances of misconduct since 1995 | $16.4M in penalties

The Johns Hopkins University, founded in 1876, is considered the first research university in the U.S. The university’s emphasis on both learning and research, and how each complements the other, revolutionized higher learning. Today, Johns Hopkins remains a leader in both teaching and research. The medical school is regarded as one of the best in the world and is a major recipient of National Institutes of Health research grants. The Applied Physics Laboratory wins more federal research and development funding than any other university. The Bloomberg School of Public Health, the first of its kind in the country, ranks first among public health schools in federal research support.

Correspondence Date
Letter to JHU 6/6/2008
Response from JHU 6/21/2008
FY Rank Contract Awards
2021 #51 $1,599.3M
2020 #47 $1,606.3M
2019 #51 $1,320.3M
2018 #56 $1,268.4M
2017 #60 $1,030.8M
2016 #48 $1,209.4M
2015 #56 $1,042.6M
2014 #52 $1,037.5M
2013 #57 $944.4M
2012 #67 $972.8M
2011 #62 $1,052.4M

8 Instances of Misconduct since 1995

1 additional instance of misconduct pending resolution.

Date Instance Penalty
8/11/2016 Retirement Plan Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Johns Hopkins University
1/22/2015 Race and Sex Discrimination at Applied Physics Laboratory
Johns Hopkins University
6/19/2012 Fisher v. Johns Hopkins Home Care Group (Disability Discrimination)
Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation, Johns Hopkins University
7/12/2011 EEOC v. Johns Hopkins Home Care Group (Disability Discrimination and Retaliation)
Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation, Johns Hopkins University
4/28/2011 Dixon v. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (Discrimination)
Johns Hopkins University
4/28/2008 Fischer v. The Johns Hopkins University (Gender Discrimination)
Johns Hopkins University
6/14/2007 Financial Aid Conflicts of Interest
Johns Hopkins University
5/22/2007 Failure of Employee to Comply With Ethics Policies
Johns Hopkins University
2/14/2003 Medicare Fraud
Johns Hopkins University

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