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4 instances of misconduct since 1995 | $101.6M in penalties

Agility (formerly known as Public Warehousing Company KSC and PWC Logistics) is a global provider of integrated supply chain solutions, with more than 450 offices located in over one-hundred countries. The company operates a network of warehousing facilities and transportation and freight management services. Agility customers span a wide range of industries, with a global focus on technology and consumer electronics, retail and consumer products, oil and gas, government services, as well as regional focus on many other sectors. Agility offers specialized logistics services, including exhibition and event logistics, and project forwarding through its subsidiaries, Trans-Link and Transoceanic Shipping. Agility’s GeoLogistics subsidiary is a global freight management and logistics provider.

Correspondence Date
Letter to PWC 11/17/2006
Second Letter to PWC 6/3/2008
FY Rank Contract Awards
2018 N/A $62.1M
2017 N/A $2.2M
2015 N/A $41.3M
2014 N/A $0
2013 N/A $0
2012 N/A $0
2011 N/A $115.1M

4 Instances of Misconduct since 1995

Date Instance Penalty
3/28/2012 “Gardening Club” Air Freight Cartel Investigation
Agility, United Parcel Service, Inc.
2/9/2010 Overcharging on Food Contracts (Criminal Case)
11/16/2009 Overcharging on Food Contracts (Suspension)
11/18/2005 Overcharging on Food Contracts (Civil Case)

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