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MacAndrews AMG Holdings

3 instances of misconduct since 1995 | $16.7M in penalties

MacAndrews & Forbes is a holding company with interests in a diversified portfolio of public and private companies. Wholly owned by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ronald O. Perelman, MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc. invests in companies with strong market positions, recognized brands and growth potential. Current holdings include leading participants across a wide range of industries, from cosmetics and entertainment to biotechnology and security. Its subsidiary MacAndrews AMG Holdings owns a stake in AM General, a world-leader in the production of military and special purpose vehicles, including the Hummer. Corporate offices are located in South Bend, Indiana, and production facilities are located eight miles away in Mishawaka.

Correspondence Date
Letter to MacAndrews AMG 11/17/2006
Second Letter to MacAndrews AMG 6/3/2008
FY Rank Contract Awards
2020 N/A $504.9M
2019 #74 $809.8M
2018 #99 $590.4M
2017 #71 $865.4M
2016 #78 $721.9M
2015 #65 $918.2M
2014 N/A $196.3M
2013 N/A $73.9M
2012 N/A $317.8M
2011 #57 $1,172.1M

3 Instances of Misconduct since 1995

Date Instance Penalty
4/4/2014 Audit of Humvee Repair Parts Contract
MacAndrews AMG Holdings
6/20/2013 Violating Antitrust Premerger Notification Requirements
MacAndrews AMG Holdings
1/27/2012 Drapkin v. Mafco Consolidated Group (Breach of Contract)
MacAndrews AMG Holdings

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