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Hanford Nuclear Reservation Litigation

In litigation that dates back to 1990, plaintiffs allege General Electric (among others) did not run the Hanford Nuclear Weapons Reservation in southeastern Washington state safely and failed to inform the public of health risks. They claim that radioiodine emissions, known as I-131, from the Hanford Reservation caused various cancers and other life-threatening diseases and seek damages under the Price-Anderson Act. In June 2002, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the lower court’s dismissal of the claims of several thousand individuals suffering from cancer and/or other serious disease who attribute their illnesses to exposure to radioactive emissions from the Hanford facility. The appellate court also reinstated the testimony of 17 of plaintiffs’ expert witnesses. In an April 2005 “bellwether trial,” the jury found in favor of two plaintiffs, Steve Stanton and Gloria Wise, and awarded Stanton $227,508 and Wise $317,251. On appeal in 2007, the Ninth Circuit upheld the jury verdict for Stanton but reversed the verdict for Wise.

Misconduct Type
Enforcement Agency
Contracting Party
Court Type
Judgment Against Defendant
Contractors Involved Penalty
General Electric $227,508
Further Information Released
Appellate Opinion (August 2007) 4/19/2008
Appellate Opinion (June 2002) 7/17/2007

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