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Jensen v. Bechtel BWXT Idaho (Retaliation Against Worker Complaints)

Amount of settlement: 270 days of personal leave, confirmation of plaintiff as a Project Planner, reimbursement for out of his out-of-pocket expenses, travel, and 80 hours of time attending trial and depositions, plus attorney fees. Bechtel Babcock and Wilcox settled a case that alleged retaliation against a worker who complained of hazardous working conditions at INEEL. Clint Jensen “raised concerns that he was exposed to Depleted Uranium and other substances at work that may have caused his own Gulf War Syndrome-like symptoms. He suggested that the Industrial Hygiene program was deficient, that he had been ordered to burn substances other than DU in the oxidation oven – in violation of the oven’s permit, and that his uranium exposure levels soared after he looked down to find himself standing in DU-laden water…. Rather than truly investigating Mr. Jensen’s concerns or compensating him for his illness, his employer attempted to silence him and keep him out of the workplace.”

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DOL Press Release 6/18/2006
Environment News Service Article (p. 5 of 12) 6/18/2006

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