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Archdiocese of Milwaukee Supporting Fund, Inc. v. Halliburton

Halliburton shareholders filed a class action lawsuit alleging the company deliberately falsified financial results and misled the public about its financial information between 1999 and 2002. The lawsuit claimed that Halliburton made false statements concerning its potential liability in asbestos litigation, its accounting for revenue in its engineering and construction business, and the benefits of a merger with Dresser Industries. (Archdiocese of Milwaukee Supporting Fund, Inc. was replaced by Erica P. John Fund as the named class representative.) In December 2016, Halliburton announced that it had reached an agreement in principle to settle the lawsuit, without any admission of liability, for $100 million.

Misconduct Type
Enforcement Agency
Contracting Party
Court Type
Date of Complaint
Contractors Involved Penalty
Halliburton $100,000,000
Further Information Released
Notice of Proposed Settlement 4/14/2017
Halliburton Press Release 12/23/2016
Complaint 4/11/2003

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