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Proposed Debarment of San Antonio Office

In February 2012, the Air Force proposed for debarment the San Antonio, Texas office of Booz Allen Hamilton and five employees. According to the memorandum in support of the proposed debarment, a senior associate at Booz Allen’s San Antonio office allegedly shared with four colleagues protected, non-public information regarding an information technology support services contract that would have given Booz Allen an unfair competitive advantage. The Air Force lifted the suspension in April 2012. Booz Allen accepted responsibility for the incident and agreed to implement company-wide ethics reforms and other remedial measures. Booz Allen also agreed to pay the Air Force $65,000.

Misconduct Type
Government Contract Fraud
Enforcement Agency
Defense – Air Force
Contracting Party
Defense - Air Force
Court Type
Suspend/Debar - Company
Date of Company Suspension
Contractors Involved Penalty
Booz Allen Hamilton $65,000
Further Information Released
Administrative Agreement 4/17/2012
EPLS Notice (Feb. 2012) 2/11/2012
EPLS Notice (Sept. 2011) 2/11/2012
Memo in Support of Proposed Debarment 2/11/2012

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