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Race and Sex Discrimination at Applied Physics Laboratory

Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) paid $359,253 in back wages and damages to settle discrimination allegations made by two African-American women employees. One of the women filed a complaint in June 2010 alleging she had been subjected to a hostile work environment at APL and was harassed, retaliated against, and ultimately fired. The other filed a complaint in November 2010 alleging she had been subjected to pay discrimination and a hostile work environment. The Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) determined that APL violated Executive Order 11246, which prohibits federal contractors from discriminating in employment on the basis of race or sex. OFCCP found that the lab had discriminated against both women because of their race and because they engaged in protected equal employment opportunity activities. OFCCP also found that the second employee was paid less than her similarly-situated male colleagues, and that APL had subjected both women to a hostile work environment by retaliating against them and allowing them to be harassed. APL issued the following statement in regard to the settlement: “We disagree with the OFCCP’s findings and characterizations of this matter. However, we concluded that bringing this matter to closure to resolve what has already been a long, drawn-out and costly process is in the Laboratory’s best interest. As APL has been, we remain fully committed to diversity and inclusion.”

Misconduct Type
Enforcement Agency
Contracting Party
Court Type
Date of Settlement Announcement
Contractors Involved Penalty
Johns Hopkins University $359,253
Further Information Released
OFCCP Press Release 1/22/2015

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