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Cox v. Radian (Air and Waste Regulation Violations)

“[T]he State of Michigan alleged certain violations of air and waste regulations had occurred while Radian [a URS subsidiary,] was operating a hazardous waste sludge dredging, drying, and transporting operation for The Dow Chemical Company’s Michigan Operations in Midland, Michigan. “On August 14, 1996, Dow agreed to undertake a management project to remove and incinerate excess contaminated solids that accumulated in its wastewater treatment ponds. The accumulated solids, containing dioxins and furans, were being dredged from the ponds and pumped to a dewatering/drying system operated by Dow’s contactor Radian, and then incinerated in Dow’s 830 Incinerator. Dioxins and furans are chemicals of concern because they are persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic at very low concentrations. The DEQ obtained a tip that the solids were being mismanaged at Dow and that there had been numerous discharges of dried solids and fine particulate dust into the air and on the ground since May of 1997. On November 13, 1998, during the execution of a criminal search warrant, DEQ staff observed an accumulation of solids and dust around the outside of the drying facility, in the grass and along the facility access road. In addition, 196 containers of hazardous waste were observed stored in violation of Part 111. Records seized during execution of the criminal search warrant indicated that there had been five separate incidents of potential fire hazards and numerous releases of hazardous wastes at the facility. Radian had failed to notify the DEQ of these incidents as required under Part 111.”

Misconduct Type
Enforcement Agency
Contracting Party
Court Type
Date of Settlement
Contractors Involved Penalty
URS Corporation $550,000
Further Information Released
Michigan Newswire 10/13/2006

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