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Failure to Investigate EpiPen Failures

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning letter to Pfizer’s Meridian Medical Technologies (MMT) division regarding “significant violations of current good manufacturing practice requirements” at its Brentwood, Missouri facility. During an inspection of the facility in February and March 2017, FDA found MMT “failed to thoroughly investigate multiple serious component and product failures” relating to the EpiPen auto-injecting device, “including failures associated with patient deaths and severe illness,” and also failed to expand the scope of its investigations “into these serious and life-threatening failures or take appropriate corrective actions.” The FDA found MMT received hundreds of complaints that EpiPens failed to operate during life-threatening emergencies, but did not thoroughly investigate these complaints or remove potentially defective EpiPens from the marketplace. The FDA also determined that MMT’s procedures for handling complaints were inadequate.

Misconduct Type
Enforcement Agency
Health and Human Services
Contracting Party
Court Type
Investigative Finding
Date of Warning Letter
Contractors Involved Penalty
Pfizer, Inc. $0
Further Information Released
FDA Warning Letter 9/5/2017

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