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Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Program Quality-Control Lapses

The Department of Defense Inspector General (IG) conducted an evaluation of whether Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) prime contractors United Launch Alliance (ULA) and SpaceX performed adequate quality assurance management for the EELV program. The IG found that ULA and SpaceX did not perform adequate quality assurance management, increasing the risk of increased program costs, delayed launch schedules, and mission failure. At ULA, the IG found nonconformities related to Electrostatic Sensitive Device (ESD) protection in the avionics production area, including ungrounded ESD workstations, untested wrist straps, missing ESD protective covers, non-ESD approved containers and materials, and uncontrolled humidity levels. At SpaceX, the IG found an inadequately protected Merlin engine on the test stand and foreign objects in restricted areas. ULA and SpaceX were cited for a total of 54 major nonconformities and 85 minor nonconformities.

Misconduct Type
Poor Contract Performance
Enforcement Agency
Defense – General
Contracting Party
Defense - Air Force
Court Type
Investigative Finding
Date of IG Report
Contractors Involved Penalty
SpaceX $0
United Launch Alliance, LLC $0
Further Information Released
DOD IG Report 12/20/2017

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