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Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Cleanup – Homeowners Litigation

Homeowners on the site of the former Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco sued several companies, including Tetra Tech, in response to instances of actual and alleged fraud that cast doubt on the toxic remediation work at the site performed by Tetra Tech. Tetra Tech workers and contractors are alleged to have falsified aspects of the cleanup through a scheme that included false soil sampling, incomplete building surveys, falsification of chain-of-custody documentation, and data manipulation. Homeowners claim they were not informed about the extent of the contamination in the particular location in which they bought homes.

Misconduct Type
Enforcement Agency
Contracting Party
Court Type
Date of Complaint
Contractors Involved Penalty
Tetra Tech, Inc. $0
Further Information Released
Law Firm Press Release 7/25/2018
Complaint 7/24/2018

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