Federal Contractor Misconduct Database (FCMD)

The federal government routinely awards contracts to companies with histories of misconduct, including contract fraud and other violations. POGO believes that providing this website will help to improve contracting decisions and increase public knowledge of how the government spends billions of taxpayer dollars each year. Read more…

Overcharging the Government

“Brown & Root Services, now operating as Kellogg Brown & Root, has been a defendant in civil litigation pending in federal court in Sacramento, California. The lawsuit alleges that Brown & Root Services violated provisions of the False Claims Act while performing work for the United States Army at Fort Ord in California. This lawsuit was filed by a former employee in 1997. On February 8, 2002, this lawsuit and a related grand jury investigation were settled. Kellogg Brown & Root made a $2 million payment to the United States government and paid the former employee’s legal expenses. Kellogg Brown & Root denied wrongdoing and did not admit liability. The United States agreed to suspend further investigation and forgo any further sanctions with regard to the Ft. Ord contract. Kellogg Brown & Root’s ability to perform further work for the United States government has not been impaired.”

Misconduct Type
Government Contract Fraud
Enforcement Agency
Defense – Army
Contracting Party
Defense - Army
Court Type
Date of Settlement
Contractors Involved Penalty
KBR $2,000,000
Further Information Released
Annual Report 2001 8/29/2006

Federal Contractor Misconduct Database