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F-35 Spare Parts Deficiencies

Lockheed Martin and the Department of Defense reached a deal worth approximately $70.6 million to remedy F-35 fighter jet spare part deficiencies, reportedly caused by Lockheed providing incorrect or incomplete “electronic equipment logs” (EELs) for those parts. Pursuant to the agreement, Lockheed made $36.3 million in investments to improve performance metrics related to the delivery of F-35 spare parts and agreed to make at least $24.3 million in similar investments over the next five years and provide $10 million worth of work on an F-35 provisioning and cataloging effort over the same period.

Misconduct Type
Poor Contract Performance
Enforcement Agency
Defense – General
Contracting Party
Defense - General
Court Type
Date of Settlement Agreement
Contractors Involved Penalty
Lockheed Martin $70,600,000
Further Information Released
Congressional Press Release 3/8/2021

Federal Contractor Misconduct Database