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Raytheon Securities Litigation

“In late 1999, the Company and two of its officers were named as defendants in several class action lawsuits. These lawsuits were consolidated into a single complaint in June 2000, when four additional former or present officers were named as defendants in a Consolidated and Amended Class Action Complaint (the “Consolidated Complaint”) with the caption In re: Raytheon Securities Litigation (Civil Action No. 12142-PBS), filed in the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts. The Consolidated Complaint principally alleged that the defendants violated federal securities laws by purportedly making misleading statements and by failing to disclose material information concerning the Company’s financial performance during the class period. In May 2004, without admitting any liability or wrongdoing, the Company reached an agreement to settle this class action lawsuit on behalf of the Company and all individual defendants. The terms of the settlement included a cash payment of $210 million and the issuance of warrants for the Company’s stock with a stipulated value of $200 million.”

Misconduct Type
Enforcement Agency
Contracting Party
Court Type
Date of Settlement
Contractors Involved Penalty
Raytheon Company $410,000,000
Further Information Released
NY Comptroller Press Release 7/13/2007
Settlement FAQs 3/19/2007
SEC 10-K (p. 25 of 103) 8/31/2006

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