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Antoine and Boudreaux Lawsuits (Exposure to Asbestos and Chemicals)

“On or about December 16, 2005, a proceeding entitled Antoine, et al. vs. J. Ray McDermott, Inc., et al., was filed in the 24th Judicial District Court, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana by approximately 88 plaintiffs against approximately 215 defendants, including J. Ray McDermott, Inc. (“JRMI”) and Delta Hudson Engineering Corporation (“DHEC”)… The plaintiffs have generally alleged injuries for exposure to asbestos, and unspecified chemicals, metals and noise while the plaintiffs were allegedly employed as Jones Act seamen. Approximately 75 plaintiffs have alleged employment by JRMI or DHEC in that capacity.” According to the company’s March 2007 10-Q, the court dismissed the plaintiffs’ claims without prejudice on January 10, 2007. About 3 weeks later, many of the plaintiffs refiled their claims in two new actions: Boudreaux, et al v. McDermott, Inc., et al. (originally filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, transferred in May to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana) and Antoine, et al. v. McDermott, Inc., et al. (filed in the 164th Judicial District Court for Harris County, Texas).

Misconduct Type
Enforcement Agency
Contracting Party
Court Type
Date of Antoine Complaint
Contractors Involved Penalty
McDermott, Inc. $0
Further Information Released
10-Q (excerpt) 3/1/2007
10-K (p. 104 of 141) 3/1/2006

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