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U.S. v. SAIC (False and/or Fraudulent Representations)

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission filed suit against SAIC, alleging false and/or fraudulent representations to the effect that SAIC was providing unbiased services to the NRC. The NRC claimed that at the time the NRC hired SAIC to formulate guidelines on recycling radioactive waste, they were unaware SAIC had other consulting and contractual relationships that created a conflict of interest, which led to SAIC submitting false and/or fraudulent bills and other statements to the government in violation of the False Claims Act. In July 2008, a jury found that SAIC knowingly submitted 60 false claims for payment and knowingly made 17 false statements to get claims paid on two NRC contracts and awarded the United States $1.97 million in damages (tripled to $5.9 million under the False Claims Act). The jury also found SAIC breached a 1992 contract with the NRC and awarded an additional $78 in damages. The court also ordered SAIC to pay civil penalties of $7,500 for each of the 77 false claims and statements (for a total of $577,500). In December 2010, the Court of Appeals upheld the judgment as to the government’s breach of contract claim but vacated the judgment as to FCA liability due to an erroneous jury instruction. In October 2014, SAIC (now known as Leidos Holdings) paid $1.5 million to settle the case.

Misconduct Type
Government Contract Fraud
Enforcement Agency
Contracting Party
Court Type
Judgment Against Defendant
Date of Complaint
Contractors Involved Penalty
SAIC $1,500,000
Further Information Released
DOJ Press Release (Oct. 2014) 10/21/2014
Final Judgment 11/4/2008
NRC Press Release 11/4/2008
Verdict Form 11/4/2008
Complaint 2/16/2008

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