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Human Trafficking in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Kathryn Bolkovac)

According to media reports, DynCorp International hired Kathryn Bolkovac as part of a UN-administered police task force to train local police officers in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Bolkovac, who was investigating human trafficking and forced prostitution, sent an e-mail to supervisors and UN officials alleging UN staff and DynCorp co-workers were participating in sex trafficking. She sued DynCorp in a British employment tribunal, claiming she had been unfairly dismissed. The tribunal ruled in her favor and awarded her $173,000. Within hours, DynCorp settled a case with another former employee, Ben Johnston, who alleged DynCorp employees were involved in sex trafficking and other illegal acts (see DynCorp instance “Human Trafficking in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Ben Johnston)”). DynCorp eventually dismissed several employees in Bosnia for “unacceptable behavior.”

Misconduct Type
Enforcement Agency
Contracting Party
Court Type
Judgment Against Defendant
Date of Judgment
Contractors Involved Penalty
DynCorp International Inc. $173,000
Further Information Released
DOD IG Report 7/20/2007
Letter From Deputy Sec. of State R. Armitage 7/20/2007
State Department Memo 7/20/2007
Tribunal Decision 7/20/2007
Dallas Morning News Article 7/18/2007

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