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U.S. Marine Corp. Global Supply Chain and Maintenance System Contract

In July 2005, the U. S. Marine Corps entered into a six-month, $4.5 million contract with Accenture to design and implement a new global supply chain and maintenance system. Subsequently, according to Federal Computer Week, Accenture did not meet some of the contract’s requirements, terms and conditions, such as failing to deliver substantial documentation in support of the system’s detailed design review phase and not complying with cost, schedule, and performance baselines and risk assessments for the next phase of the program. The Marine Corps issued a stop work order in December 2005 and a termination-for-cause letter in January 2006. According to Accenture’s response to POGO, “In January 2006, the Marine Corps partially terminated Accenture’s contract for cause. However, the USMC rescinded the termination for cause, modified the contract in scope, and elected not to exercise the contract’s build, test and deploy option.”

Misconduct Type
Poor Contract Performance
Enforcement Agency
Defense – Navy
Contracting Party
Defense - Navy
Court Type
Date of Contract Termination
Contractors Involved Penalty
Accenture $0
Further Information Released
CT General Assembly Report (p. 2 of 4) 4/25/2008

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