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Indonesian Torture

The International Labor Rights Fund (ILRF) filed a lawsuit in Washington, D.C. against Exxon Mobil, accusing it of actively abetting human rights violations committed by Indonesian military units Exxon hired to protect its natural gas fields and pipelines in Aceh province, northern Sumatra. The lawsuit, filed under the Alien Tort Claims Act and the Torture Victims Protection Act, implicates Exxon in the torture of 11 Indonesian villagers in 1997. The villagers claim that Exxon’s Indonesian subsidiary allowed its facilities and equipment to be used by the government to kidnap, torture and murder the local population. In September 2009, the court dismissed the lawsuit, a ruling that was reversed (except as to the Torture Victims Protection Act claims) on appeal.

Misconduct Type
Human Rights
Enforcement Agency
Contracting Party
Court Type
Date of Complaint
Contractors Involved Penalty
Exxon Mobil $0
Further Information Released
Amended Complaint 4/26/2008

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