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Louisiana Property Contamination

Exxon Mobil reportedly reached a settlement with 2,500 residents of a Louisiana community that claimed the company exposed them to radioactive waste left over from three decades of offshore pipe-cleaning on property located east of the Harvey Canal. The property is owned by members of the Grefer family, who sued Exxon and were awarded compensatory damages of $56 million and punitive damages of $1 billion (later reduced to $112 million) in 2001. ExxonMobil will pay claimants on a point basis, where each claimant will be assigned a total number of points according to the severity of the medical ailments claimed to have been caused by the radiation. ExxonMobil is one of 10 defendants named in the residents’ lawsuit pending in state court. Negotiations with the other defendants broke down in early 2008. See related Exxon Mobil instance, “Grefer v. Exxon Mobil (Contaminated Property).”

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