Federal Contractor Misconduct Database (FCMD)

The federal government routinely awards contracts to companies with histories of misconduct, including contract fraud and other violations. POGO believes that providing this website will help to improve contracting decisions and increase public knowledge of how the government spends billions of taxpayer dollars each year. Read more…

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4 Contractor Matches

Contractor name Instances Penalties
Boeing Company 80 $1,492,565,231
L-3 Communications 21 $139,589,466
Lockheed Martin 89 $767,783,354
Iron Bow Holdings, Inc. 2 $9,441,340

6 Misconduct Matches

Date Instance Penalties
10/10/2014 U.S. ex rel. Craddock v. Boeing (Improper Labor Charges)
Boeing Company
3/27/2015 C-130 Fuel Overbilling
Lockheed Martin
8/3/2015 Investigation of April 2015 RC-135V Fire
L-3 Communications
9/28/2015 U.S. ex rel. Martin v. L-3 Communications (CONUS Replacement Center Overcharging)
L-3 Communications
10/14/2015 U.S. ex rel. Webb v. Boeing (Improper Labor Charges)
Boeing Company
10/8/2015 U.S. v. Wilkerson (Procurement Fraud and Illegal Gratuities Scheme)
Iron Bow Holdings, Inc.

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